Messages of Appreciation from our grant recipients.

Monica, 44, from Georgia

I would like to thank The Catherine H Tuck Foundation. This has been a stressful and scary time for me. The help I received has alleviated some of this. I have an eleven year old son whom I support & take care of by myself. He is my heart & soul. I believe his well-being & future were my biggest concern when I found out I had breast cancer. I want to thank the Catherine H Tuck Foundation for their support & help during this difficult time. Also, thank you to all of the people that contribute & help make this support possible. Your thoughts & kindness are greatly appreciated.

Easter, 46, from Alabama

Just wanted you to know I received the grant check and my family is so thankful.  I’m preparing for surgery next week and this financial blessing eased my fears of so many worries.   I heard about your foundation from a former coworker who is a 2 yr. cancer survivor.   Then I researched the foundation and learned Catherine was a beautiful young woman so much like me.  It was overwhelming we shared the medical/teaching profession.  I a RN instructor/ she a doctor/faculty. I salute her brother Mr. Hudgins and all who sincerely and passionate continue to memorialize such beautiful talented physician. With all my love, Easter.

Danette, 62, from Virginia

I received the check today.  I am so grateful for your support, and the understanding of the hardship that comes along with cancer. I can sleep tonight knowing when I come back from surgery that has been moved up to this Thursday that I will have a roof over my head. When I can get back on my feet hopefully I can return home back to California.

Lisa, 48, from Pennsylvania

The Catherine Tuck Foundation has been a blessing to me and my family. The generosity of this organization has given me some piece of mind as I heal from my Breast Cancer Treatments.  This diagnosis has left my family with many financial struggles.  To know that we will have food on the table and be warm this winter from the grant that was provided to me from The Catherine Tuck Foundation, is an absolute blessing.  My family has been thru so much this year, The Catherine Tuck Foundation has made it a bit easier.

Holly, 57, from California

My gratitude for The Catherine Fund is difficult to put into words.  At a time when I was feeling pretty hopeless, and desperate for any help, they came through for me so abundantly!  While struggling following back surgery in August of 2012, I found a lump in my right breast in the spring of 2013.  After many mammograms, ultrasound, and a painful biopsy, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2013.  Already dealing with huge financial strains, I felt completely overwhelmed.

Dealing with breast cancer is definitely a challenge...but there are many, many resources out there and I feel so lucky to have found The Catherine Fund.  They acknowledged my application for assistance quickly and stayed in touch with me throughout their decision process.  I was hoping, but not expecting or counting on anything.  I checked my email one rainy Tuesday recently and oh my gosh! ... an email from The Catherine Fund saying they would shortly be sending me a check for an amount beyond my hopes!  Their grant has taken such a huge weight off my shoulders for the next few months!  I don't have to wake up every day and immediately worry about how I will meet my expenses each day, next week, or even next month; especially since I started radiation treatment last week.  I can now focus completely on my health and healing for the next few months.

Thank you seems such a small thing to say.  But thank you, all of you, at The Catherine Fund for making this time in my life so much easier to bear.

With love and gratitude,
Holly T.

Kathy, 59, from Michigan

With my most heartfelt, deepest of gratitude, I thank you for your help in one of the most darkest times of my life.
After being out of work from November, 2012 until the present with breast cancer, my rent had gotten so far behind; I was facing eviction.  I was applying to every organization I could find; they were either out of money or I could not receive any additional money once any amount had been given to me.
I found The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation, and applied for a grant.  I was going through my e-mail every day, and to my surprise, there was an e-mail from them; they were not sure if I was in the same place and asked me for my contact information.  I sent them the information and they replied to me immediately.  With tears of joy and knowing I am blessed, it took almost ten minutes for them to understand me.  Because my apartment gave me an extension on my deadline, with their grant, I am able to remain in my apartment.
The interest, the care, and the kindness that The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation showed me, lets me know what a wonderful foundation they are.  I will forever be grateful to them, and when on my feet shortly, will do everything in my power to help them and people like me.
I can only thank GOD for sending them to me; and I hope that their information can reach others in need and let them now there is help out there for all of us.
From the deepest part of my soul, in JESUS'S Name, I thank you.  May you all continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others.
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