The Catherine Fund


  Our Catherine Fund Grant Program provides financial aid grants for basic necessities of life to women and men   who are unable to continue working throughout their treatment for breast cancer and are struggling financially as a
  direct result of the diagnosis and treatment.  

Our winter grant cycle will open on January 4, 2019 and will close on January 25, 2019. Please check back here on January 4th to download and print our new winter application. Complete applications will be accepted via fax or US mail only starting on January 4, 2019. We do not mail applications. Please scroll down for additional information about our guidelines and requirements for applying for a grant. 

Requirements for Assistance from The Catherine Fund

1.       You need to be in active treatment for breast cancer, which we define as being within three months of a breast cancer            
surgery (lumpectomy or mastectomy), chemotherapy, or radiation only. Hormone therapy does not qualify.
You must have a financial hardship as a direct result of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
3.       You must be able to provide documentation that you have been employed (at least 16 hours per week) for at least 8 of the                    12 months prior to the current diagnosis of breast cancer.

You must have less than $5000 in liquid assets.
You must be a US citizen and currently live in the United States.

How Do I Submit an Application?

Please read and follow the directions on the application carefully. 

  • You will need to provide proof of identity, income, financial need, and diagnosis. All of the specifics are on the application.
  • There is a medical release of information that you will need to give to your doctor along with a medical report for your doctor to complete. The treating doctor will also need to provide a letter (on their letterhead) stating that you are currently under their care for breast cancer.
  • In order to protect your personal information, we accept applications and medical forms only via US mail or by fax, (888) 411-5598. We cannot accept an application via our email.            

Things to Know When You Apply   

1.       Meeting the requirements for assistance and applying to the Catherine Fund does not guarantee an applicant will receive a grant. 
2.        An applicant can only receive one grant every 12 months.  
3.       Our grants cover
non-medical expenses such as housing, utilities, food or transportation.
4.       Our grants are paid directly to the vendors (i.e. your landlord or mortgage company)
5.       Our review process for completed applications takes approximately 4-6 weeks.


More information about our grants

An application form may be completed by any woman or man living in the United States who is in active treatment for breast cancer (defined as being within three months of a breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation) and is seeking temporary relief to pay for existing needs suffered as a direct cause of the active treatment. Necessities of life include paying for rent, utilities, food, and transportation to and from medical treatments. Each application will be evaluated by The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation (the "Catherine Fund") based on the applicant's need and the specific hardship she/he is suffering at the time the grant is considered. The Catherine Fund may only be able to assist a small fraction of the potential recipients who will apply for aid.

 Please see our
Resources page for additional support.

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