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Atlanta Salon Event, October 5, 2018

Thank you Atlanta for a fun and festive evening at the home of Mary Fletcher Higdon. We had another huge turnout for "Cocktails & Conversation" and raised over $30,000 to assist breast cancer patients who are struggling to pay their bills. We are so grateful for all of our donors all over the country! 
-The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation


Thank You Nashville!
Thanks to all who were able to attend the November 2, 2017 Cocktails & Conversation at the Ambrose home in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a great evening and we had the largest turnout ever for a salon event! We still need to raise more money to meet our matching donor offer of $50,000. Please consider making your tax-deductible gift by the deadline of December 1st so we can meet the match. Thank you for your support!


On January 18, 2014, Heather Purcell Leja left for Argentina to climb Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas at 22,841 ft. Her desire was to use the climb to raise funds in memory of Catherine (Hudgins) Tuck, her friend and classmate at The Hockaday School in Dallas, Class of '80. Heather is a recent survivor of anal cancer and she promised herself that she would make this climb if she survived healthy and whole. Heather saw the climb as an opportunity to demonstrate her return to an active lifestyle while raising money to help others with cancer.

On February 4th, Heather's climbing team attempted to summit on Aconcagua, and was turned back at 21,250 feet, just shy of the summit, due to high winds and bad weather. What an amazing journey! Her new goal is to raise $1 for every foot that she climbed. Go Heather!

Click here
 to read Heather's story in her own words.

Click here to support Heather on her CLIMB FOR CATHERINE and make a donation to The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation. Enter CLIMB in the instructions on the second page of checkout.

Amount Raised so far for Heather's Climb For Catherine -- $15,560

(as of 3/26/14)

Climb Contributors

Jenny Posey Ahearn
Suzanne Anderson
Martha Louise Armstrong
Thalia Banowsky
Christen Benat
Priss Benbow
Suzanne Blaylock
Todd Boren
Trey Bradley
Nora Brennan
Leslie Carr
John Connor Carroll
Catalyst Investors
Amy Coffman
Melanie Young Corcoran
Craig Cordova
Karen Cowden
Mallory Creixel
John Cunningham
Naira Darius
Katie Dickson
Tom Dickson

Alan Dock
Anita Escobar
Sandra Estess
Regen Fearon
Peter and Leslie Feibleman
Alice Fisher
Veronica Frenkel
Jill and Brett Giroir
Kelli and Brand Gould
Robert Graham
Meredith Greene
Grecia Haigwood
Claudia Harvie
Brian Hoffner
Roger Horchow
Cynthia Hudgins
Elizabeth Hulsey
Catherine Jarrett
Catherine Johnson
Kirby Kelly
Kathy Koch Keramidas
Sarah King
Kenlyn Kolleen
Michael Kovaka
Leslie Philipson Krakow
Catherine Kyle
Michele Laird
Rhodri Leach
Heather Purcell Leja and Robert Leja
Brigitte Liebowitz
Jackie Lyles
Neil MacAvoy
Janet Masters
James Mayo
Sharon McBride
Joan McGraw
Alison Monnich
Jon Mosle
Sara Mosle
Ruth Mutch
Edwin Nowlin
Ann Marie O'Connor
Liza Orchard
Helen Overstreet
Camille Pane
Laurie Hudgins Peacock
Leticia Perez
Kenney Pickens
David W. Purcell
Serena Ritch
Prabha Rollins
Pamela Rundell
Holley Sanford
Stefania Scott
Amy Sheinberg
Lisa Silver
Alan Smith
Jim Spaanstra
Leigh Steere
Amy Rhodes Stephenson
Brian Stettin
Hannah Strom
Cynthia Upchurch
Jacques Vroom
Charles Weinstein
Anne Hudgins Williams
Mollie Williamson
Jill A. Wiltse and H, Kirk Brown III
Sarah Woodberry
Sophie Woods

Messages of Support for Heather

Heather, there will be any number of seemingly-impossible moments on this climb and you may have more than one thought about turning around and heading back down the mountain. So, in the words of Ken Chlouber founder of the Leadville 100 (and who just a year ago himself was a part of a Himalayan expedition): "You can do more than you think you can and you're better than you think you are." I'll leave you with two more words of inspiration: 1. "You have to do the thing you think you cannot do" (Eleanor Roosevelt) and 2. "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." (Friederich Nietzsche) (Please don't get killed. Wheels of Justice needs you!) :-) Godspeed and go get that summit!!!! –Bob Graham, your faithful Naperville WOJ member

Heather - First, Happy Birthday! We are happy to support you by supporting Catherine. Best wishes for a safe climb - Jill and Kirk

Wow: two of the people I most admired at Hockaday and beyond: Heather and Catherine, one climbing her heart out in memory of the other! Our hearts are also with you! Love, Sara Mosle

Wishing Heather all the best on her big adventure! Peter & Leslie Feibleman

Good luck, Heather, as you undertake this worthy climb. I send you love and support. You are doing an incredible thing in honor of Catherine and on behalf of so many people who really need financial support through their own battles with cancer. You are an inspiration even before you start your climb. i will keep you in thoughts and prayers in the coming days. -Sarah Coke King

Heather - We're so proud of you!  We're proud of your courage and strength, and grateful for the words of wisdom you have shared with us over the past many years.  As you train for this climb and prepare to summit, know that your have 4 friends rooting for you in Florida! - Love, the Strom family

George Mallory once said we climb mountains because they are there. Heather, remember, "Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory." Stay safe. xoxo, Amy

Go Heather!! All the best to and light, Lety. --Leticia Perez

This is in support of Heather's Climb for Catherine. Two of my all-time favorite people.-- Meredith Greene

Happy Birthday Heather….You are an amazing woman. So deeply grateful to call you my friend. Blessings on your adventure!--Kenlyn Kolleen


Please join us for an amazing evening of storytelling. The proceeds of this event will benefit The Catherine H.Tuck Foundation

Special Events

We are currently in the planning stages for an amazing evening of music and food to support the “Catherine Fund”. If you would like to help in any way, please contact us at

Please plan to join us, listen to some amazing musical artists and enjoy an evening for The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation’s “Catherine Fund”.

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